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Have you lost shares? Did they take them from you for a fraction of their real value? Supposedly according to the law? It is allowed in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic Constitutional Court ruled that the acquisition of minority shareholders shares, particularly the law for exercising the right to buy out shares (further “squeeze out Czech style”), is all right. Pl. US 56/05. The TV station CT1 (Czech Television 1) aired an explanation that this law makes it possible to rob minority shareholders, and that it is the most serious failure of the Czech State since 1989. If you want your money back, read on. The Defense Association of Small Shareholders (Czech acronym OSMA) will inform about the conditions under which shares are being bought out, and will take steps towards a substantial increase of compensation for as many affected shareholders as possible. For faster orientation, we suggest to read first the sections “Principle of the Squeeze Out Czech Style Law” and “Summary”. You will find the latest news in the section “Latest Developments”.  

Recently: The decision of the European Court on Human Rights condemning the Czech Republic has become final

 Individual Cases

The association OSMA is searching for ways of securing a fair pay-up for shareholders who have been squeezed out but did not or could not file a claim for a review of compensation for their expropriated shares. If you owned shares of some of the companies listed below and you think that the shares were taken from you for a price that is too low, and you want to receive a financial compensation, register either electronically by clicking the word “Register” in the right column on the appropriate line, or in writing to the address: Ochranné sdružení malých akcionářů OSMA, Charlese de Gaulla 9, 160 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic. The list contains companies where “squeeze out Czech style” has been carried out and where, according to the OSMA findings, shareholders have a good chance for a compensation and where OSMA also made some steps towards obtaining compensation for all shareholders who are interested and register. You will find here why this is to your advantage. The list of companies will be gradually expanded. We are extending our offer of cooperation also to the shareholders who have filed a claim for a price review – we will provide information, consultations and professional help to all who are interested in cooperation for securing a pay-up for all shareholders.