If you owned shares of companies listed on the previous page and these shares were expropriated from you, register into the list of injured shareholders. After registration, OSMA will send you a contract proposal containing conditions of cooperation. By signing the contract, you will not incur any financial or time costs but you will receive a guarantee of the negotiated pay-up if the efforts of OSMA are successful. When signing the contract, you must provide evidence that your shares were really transferred to the main shareholder, in the form of a transfer record from the Securities Center (in case of registered shares, you should receive it through mail). If you do not have these records, the Securities Center will issue you new ones for registered shares; the Securities Center does not keep records of paper shares. Another acceptable proof is a certificate of compensation acceptance or any other credible evidence of shares ownership up to the date of transfer to the main shareholder. Registering in the list of injured shareholders does not require any commitments from you; the agreement about cooperation with OSMA is finalized by signing the contract.